This exhibition brings together a series of works that have developed out of moments of scientific history. Specifically looking at the work of the astronomer Johannes Kepler (1571 -1630). Kepler greatly advanced our understanding of the motion of the planets and helped to confirm that the Earth was not the centre of the universe- Although he also had a very determined, and unfortunately incorrect, theory that the orbits of the known planets (then 6) and the distances between them was defined by an exact geometric plan. This model involved the 5 perfect solids, and Kepler believed it provided proof of God’s perfect masterplan for the cosmos.

Through a range of abstract and illustrative drawings the exhibition aims to explore the themes of understanding notions on a cosmic scale, and looking at the basic relationship between natural form and the human drive for order and comprehension.

Thom Walker lives and works in London. He graduated from the Environmental Art department at the Glasgow School of Art in 2007. His work deals with concerns of how people understand and negotiate the physical landscapes around them, exploring these topics through drawing, poetry and short fiction.